Saturday, November 21, 2009

the yoke's on me

I'm working on my next attempt to find the perfect shirt-dress: McCall's 5378 (out of print, sadly). The fabric I'm using is a larger scale but regular pattern, Dahlia from the Nancy's Blues collection. This was a design that I fell for but didn't buy right away, hoping I would get over it - I didn't, thankfully has wonderful sales and coupons a'plenty. I should have thought things through a bit better. The pattern has a front and back yoke, so I had to fussy-cut the yoke pieces. Time consuming and annoying. I think it will look alright though - I should have waited and used another pattern for this fabric, but you know how it goes when you are itching to cut into a certain piece of cloth. Other than the fussy-cutting, the pattern is coming along nicely, I am stopping for the night before starting the collar though, so I may change my tune!

I've noticed that the 1960s shirt-dress patterns all seem to have side zippers. A part of me wants to skip that, even though zips aren't a big hassle for me - well, they aren't when I make skirts, anyway. I am trying to decide between McCalls 6649 and Simplicity 5848.


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